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Winter At The Ranch

Boy has it been cold! Perfect weather for soup! The ranch horse don"t seem to mind too much and a good romp in the snow is the order of the day.

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"Oh Mini Me" ~ Life with the Blue-Eyed Wonders

What a beautiful winter day, and then I heard the sounds of commotion coming from behind the barn! Big whinny, little whinny, big whinny, little whinny ... then silence. I glanced quickly at the new mini pen that we had just completed with its cute little mini house and realized that there was not a mini to be seen!  I had bought two Miniature Horses thinking that they would be the perfect size to introduce my two little grandsons to the horse world.  But the minis weren't technologically correct, certainly didn't operate very well with a remote control nor did they have guns, blasters or general noise makers attached! One quick mini look and the grandsons gave me the… that's-great-Grammy-but-now-we're-headed-for-real-toys...

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We did it!!

Our mission is to entertain you and make you smile!  Howdy! If you are reading this it means we maneuvered our way through setting up a web site and it is up and running! And then if you aren't reading this....well we're still working on it. :)  Welcome to Cowgirls Cookin'! We are a small batch boutique producer of herb and spice seasoning packets. Each packet gives the flavor to a kettle of soup or a simple entree. I like to think that we make cooking easy and tasty. Ordinary food gets extraordinary taste! 

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