Boursin's Cheese ~ a soft, creamy cheese spread!
Boursin's Cheese ~ a soft, creamy cheese spread!
Boursin's Cheese ~ a soft, creamy cheese spread!

Boursin's Cheese ~ a soft, creamy cheese spread!

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Want to totally impress your friends and family with an appetizer cheese spread that takes ordinary crackers to a new dimension of taste goodness? Then you need this seasoning mix! Tell them all, that to get THIS level of taste you first milked a cow for fresh milk, spent half a day setting it into a soft cheese, hand-picked a selection of herbs and then mixed, mashed and mooshed it all together for hours. Out of your love for family and friends you spent your day making this soft, creamy spread just so they could swoon over it. DO NOT TELL them you threw it together in 15 min and stuck it in the fridge for an hour or two! Just soak in the compliments, its OK we understand. We want you to be an appetizer star!

  • seasoning packet  to make soft, creamy Boursin-like cheese spread. Contains a hand blended selection of dried herbs & spices
  • The original Boursin cheese was created in France in 1957 and became an international sensation! Now you can easily make an even more delicious version at home!
  • Has a low salt content and NO gluten, filler, artificial ingredients or sugar
  • Recipe calls for the addition of 2 fresh ingredients for the cheese and suggestions on ways to use the tasty cheese
  • Make the cheese spread in 10 minutes and refrigerate for several hours to blend. Take out an hour or so before serving to soften.
  • Makes 5-6 hearty appetizer servings and then they will want more!
  • Features a colorful front original painting by Debbi McCulley, a well-known regional painter and entrepreneur   

Boursin’s Cheese Story

The cowgirls wanted to add some more exotic cows to their herd. So Boursin the bull came to the cowgirl ranch. Boursin was a Charolaise bull from France. He was big and white with a very pink nose and a very sweet nature.  The other bulls immediately made fun of that pink nose and the cows wouldn’t have anything to do with him. With cow rejection…the bull couldn’t do what a bull is supposed to do! A hamburger destiny was on his horizon!              

Then a sweet little cow named Daisy fell head over hooves for Boursin. The more Daisy loved Boursin the sweeter her milk got! The cowgirls made that sweet milk into a soft cheese and flavored it with a blend of herbs. It was an immediate success and everybody wanted some. The French claimed the cheese was so delectable because of their bull’s influence! It became a French sensation. They made a lot of soft cheese and packaged it in very expensive little foil containers to sell worldwide!               

Bullshit thought the cowgirls! They knew that part of the great taste was their addition of great herbs. They decided to put those herbs in this packet so YOU could just make it yourself! Enjoy! 

Boursin and Daisy?  They lived happily ever after and made lots of little Boursins themselves!

What you need to make the cheese:

4 oz  of good wine for the cook!  
8 oz – cream cheese
4 oz – butter ( one cube) we prefer salted butter
Herb/spice packet (The special part of the whole thing!)

 NOTE: If you like an even creamier spread...increase the butter to 8 oz.  Oh we are talking a real taste indulgence!  Don’t worry about the can always diet tomorrow!

Just how you make the cheese:             
Pour wine in a nice glass and slowly sip as you proceed…      
Soften the cream cheese and butter by either leaving them on the counter for a while or giving them a quick zap in the microwave. Careful!!! Don’t melt that stuff tooooo much!    
Place cheese and butter in a bowl and whip the dickens out of them!   A standing mixer, hand held mixer or food processor works well. 

Now dump the seasoning packet contents in and again whip the dickens out of the stuff.
Place mixture in a nice container, cover and let cool in the fridge for several hours to let all the herbs and cheesy stuff mix, party and mingle together!  Bring to room temp before serving.         

Just how you can use the cheese:       

  •  Great as a spread on crackers or veggies ~ the perfect appetizer to impress family and friends!
  •   Adorn a really good sandwich with the stuff.
  •   Put some big dollops on freshly cooked corn on the cob.
  •   Dollop on a BBQed or broiled chicken breast.
  •   Roll it up as a flavor hit in a wrap!
  •   Thin it down with some milk and dress a naked salad!  

    You just better buy some more to try all this! Just sayin’…