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Mexicali Rose Salad Dressing or Dip Mix
Mexicali Rose Salad Dressing or Dip Mix
Mexicali Rose Salad Dressing or Dip Mix
Mexicali Rose Salad Dressing or Dip Mix

Mexicali Rose Salad Dressing or Dip Mix

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Mexicali Rose Chicken Dinner Salad
The cowgirls love to come in off the range and not spend more time at the kitchen range to get dinner on the table! What could be more delicious than a big Mexican chicken dinner salad just a waiting to be eaten!? Arrange it earlier in the day in a giant pretty bowl, whip up the dressing (that’s where our seasoning packet comes in!) and re-fridge it all for later. Way to go cooking star! We’re sure family and friends will be most impressed! We included a picture so you can see just how we like to arrange it. Looks like a cowgirl sunset in a bowl!

Or just mix up the dressing as a dip and dip some great veggies and chips in it!

Mexican taste is more American now than Mexican!

  • salad dressing seasoning packet with a hand blended selection of dried herbs & spices
  • Has a low salt content and NO gluten, filler or artificial ingredients
  • Recipe calls for the addition of 2 fresh ingredients for the dressing and suggestions on ingredients for a chicken dinner salad
  • Make the dressing in 5 minutes and create the salad in 30 minutes or less from start to delicious finish
  • Makes 5-6 hearty dinner salad servings ~ will become a family favorite!
  • Features a colorful front original painting by Gordon Wilson, a well-known regional painter and college instructor  

Mexicali Rose
The Cowgirls fell in love with a little Spanish chicken named Mexicali Rose and brought her to live at the ranch. Rose was a very good looking chick! Almost immediately the ranch Roosters adored her and the hens despised her!          
No matter what fowl thing the hens said to her, Rose always replied sweetly back. Rose was raised as an orp-hen so she really wanted to be part of the ranch chicken herd! She was sincerely sweet but she was also smart and very optimistic! Everything would work out if you just worked at it.

So Rose set up a claw painting salon and soon the ranch hens had the prettiest chicken feet around. Next there came a counseling service on the correct way to hen-peck a wayward rooster. As a commedi-hen, Rose always had witty chicken sayings that made everyone smile.

One day the ranch hens had an epipheny! Rose was essential to their well-being! From then on the hens flocked to be around Rose and hear her every cluck of wisdom...and yes...the roosters still adored her!

Moral: If you look at the world through optimistic Rose-colored glasses, things might just have a way of working out.


What you need to make the salad:

 4 oz.  of good wine for the cook! 
1   cup good mayonnaise
1/4 cup milk (We do like whole milk but 2% will work)
4   cups cooked chicken - cut in cubes or shredded
1   large head romaine lettuce  - shredded (If you need an exact amount its about 10 cups loosely
2   cups cherry tomatoes  - sliced in half
1   cup  frozen corn - thawed
3/4 cup green onions  - sliced  
 2   avocados - cut in pieces 
2   cups cheddar cheese  - grated

 Herb/spice packet (The special part of the whole thing!)

 If you are making a dip for chips or veggies ...we like half mayo and half sour cream...just sayin’!  

 Just how you make the salad:             
Pour wine in a nice glass and slowly sip as you proceed…      

Mix the mayo and milk and dump in the whole seasoning packet. Stir it up good and set it aside as you put the salad together.       
We like to make the salad a visual art display! Take the lettuce and spread it around the inside of a large but low salad bowl. Next mound the chicken in the center leaving a large ring of romaine exposed.    
Then scatter the tomatoes in a ring just outside the chicken.
Next add a ring of the green onions and then a ring of corn.
The last ring (still let some romaine be the outside frame) is the grated cheese with the avocados artfully arranged on top.

Perfect!  Now present your artful masterpiece and then dump on an appropriate amount of dressing and mix it all up. Serve!        
Think the rings should be in a different order? Well you just go for it!