Shish Ka Bobbies ~ seasonings for pork skewers
Shish Ka Bobbies ~ seasonings for pork skewers
Shish Ka Bobbies ~ seasonings for pork skewers
Shish Ka Bobbies ~ seasonings for pork skewers
Shish Ka Bobbies ~ seasonings for pork skewers

Shish Ka Bobbies ~ seasonings for pork skewers

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Pork shish-ka-bobs have always been a summer staple cuisine of the cowgirl BBQ! Chunks of lean pork are seasoned well and then quickly grilled to perfection. Throw together a little garden salad, add a hunk of good bread and dinner is served. Our easy to put together seasoning marinade adds a whole lot a flavor to ordinary pork… making you the cooking star of the BBQ! Luckily the cowgirls discovered the oven broiler works wonderfully well as a BBQ substitute so when summer days have evaporated, you can still enjoy this porker delight!

  • seasoning packet  for pork skewers with a hand blended selection of dried herbs & spices
  • Has a low salt content and NO gluten, filler, artificial ingredients or sugar
  • Recipe calls for the addition of 3 fresh ingredients for the marinade
  • Make the marinade in 10 minutes then marinade the pork chunks for 45 minutes. BBQ or broiler cooking time is only about 20 minutes. So easy!   
  • Makes 6-7 hearty dinner servings
  • Features a colorful front original painting by Melissa Cole, a well-known regional painter and sculptor   

The story behind Shish-Ka-Bobbies™ pork skewers

She rode into town on a big white stallion. She was lean, tall and gorgeous, but humble about all that beauty. Bobbi spoke with an accent, and the men instantly adored her and even the women admired her, such was her nature. She opened a small cafe and her specialty was meat and veggies strung on a skewer....ordinary food but with extraordinary taste!!      

People crowded the small cafe and Bobbi told them the skewers would be right there in a shishka. No one knew what that meant but soon everyone ordered by just singing out...."A shishka Bobbi!"      

Then one day she and the big white stallion were gone. The town mourned the loss of beauty and taste. Then they discovered the recipe for the skewers was posted on the cafe door! The recipe became the town secret. They sold it in the food industry nationwide and prospered, of course calling the secret meat seasoning......Shish Ka Bobbi. Now you can enjoy it too!

What you need to make the Shish-Ka-Bobbies:

 4 oz of good wine for the cook!              
2 1/2 pounds of pork tenderloin cut in 1” cubes
2/3 cup olive oil
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice

Herb/spice packet (The special part of the whole thing!)      

We like our pork just skewered by itself but if you want to add veggies to the skewer add cut up pieces of onion, red or green pepper, zucchini or whatever seems good at the time! 
Skewers can be wood (soak these for several hours in water before using) or metal.

Just how you make the Shish-Ka-Bobbies:             
Pour wine in a nice glass and slowly sip as you proceed…      
Mix the olive oil, lemon juice and contents of the seasoning packet in a jar and shake the jar hard till the cows come home! No cows? Well then just shake it really good to mingle and let all those spices party together.  

Cut the pork tenderloins in about 1 inch chunks. We usually get about 48 chunks and figure 8 chunks per healthy eater.

Grab a one gallon freezer bag or any plastic bag with a secure way to seal. Dump in the pork cubes and pour in the marinade.  Let the pork marinade on the counter for 45 min or in the refrigerator for several hours. Squish the bag around now and then to make sure all the pork gets a dose of goodness.      

Thread the pork on the skewers (if using other veggies then intersperse them with the pork chunks). 

Preheat the BBQ (or broiler). Barbecue the skewers over a med heat for 8-10 minutes, turning a side about every 3 minutes. Don’t over cook or the pork can get tough! We do internal temp of 145 degrees for med rare. Cook to your own doneness taste!

Now the hard part….serve’m up and enjoy the compliments!