Cowgirls Cookin', Bean Soup Recipe, best bean soup, quick bean soup, freezes well, Melissa Cole artist, canned beans, Instant Pot
Cowgirls Cookin', Bean Soup Recipe, best bean soup, quick bean soup, freezes well, Melissa Cole artist, canned beans, Instant Pot
Cowgirls Cookin', Bean Soup Recipe, best bean soup, quick bean soup, freezes well, Melissa Cole artist, canned beans, Instant Pot, flying pig, do pigs fly

A Souper Bean Soup Seasoning "Flying Pig"

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Beans, beans, beans, a staple of the old west diet!  There's just nothing better than a simmering pot of bean soup on the back burner. But oh boy, those old dried beans just take so long to cook! Our new bean soup version is created with today's busy lifestyle in mind. Using canned beans, some fresh ingredients and great seasonings a pot of bean soup is ready in under an hour. Delight your diners and spend more time out on the range rather than home at the range! 

  • A soup seasoning packet with a hand blended selection of dried herbs & spices
  • Has a low salt content and NO gluten, filler, artificial ingredients or sugar
  • Calls for the addition of 4 fresh ingredients (ham, onion, carrots, celery) canned beans and tomatoes
  • We'll teach you how to use canned beans correctly!
  • Cooks in one hour or less from start to delicious finish
  • Makes 5-6 hearty servings ~ is even better the next day and freezes well ~ loves Instant Pot 
  • Features a colorful front original painting by Melissa Cole, an internationally known artist and deep sea diver
  • The whimsical wild west story of a flying pig is on the back of the package:

    "Can pigs really fly? Well one in pigticular can! It happened on a very pigcarious trail ride when the cowgirls were herding cattle to market. Wolves came into camp and ate all the food leaving nothing to feed hungry cowgirls the rest of the trip! A little wild pig saw their plight and wanted desperately to help. The only thing he could think of was to throw himself into the fire……. so consequently the cowgirls dined on roast pork for the rest of the ride!     

  • The Universe looked down and was so impressed with the little pig’s sacrifice that he raised that little pig’s spirit right up from the ashes and gave him
    immortal wings to fly eternally through the skies. The cowgirls were thankful that the little pig would forever be remembered as at least one pig that could fly. Sometimes...on a clear night on the trail, you can still see him in the sky."

    Enjoy this bean soup in honor of the little pig that could fly.

    Recipe for Flying Pig Bean Soup

    What you need to make the soup: 

    4 oz  of good wine for the cook!  
    1 Tbls  olive oil
    1  small onion chopped (About 1 cup)
    1/2 to 1 lb ham cut in small cubes (amount depends on just  how “porky” you want to be!).
    1  15.5 oz can red kidney beans - drained and rinse
    1  15.5 oz can white cannellini beans - drained and rinsed
    1  15.5 oz can garbanzo beans - drained and rinsed
    1  28 oz can diced tomatoes
    2  cups chicken broth
    1  cup water  

     Herb/spice packet (The special part of the whole thing!)

    Optional: A cup each of chopped carrots and/or celery. Saute with onion if adding.

    Just how you make the soup:             
    Pour wine in a nice glass and slowly sip as you proceed…      

    In a 4 quart soup kettle, saute chopped onion in olive oil for about 5 minutes until soft. Stir occasionally.    
    Add ham pieces and saute another 3 minutes.  

    Drain and rinse the 3 cans of beans.  Rinsing gets rid of the starchy/salty water in the can that can affect taste & increase sodium content. Rinsing canned beans also gets rid of much of the gas-causing sugars that make know!      

    Dump the beans in the pot and add the chicken broth, water, tomatoes. 

    Add our special seasoning packet ~ the thing that makes this soup a GREAT SOUP!

    Bring to boil then turn down and simmer covered, for 40 min. Stir occasionally to avoid scorching any beans.

    Scoop up a spoonful and sample so you can add salt and pepper to taste.  

    Optional but tasty is a dollop of sour cream on top of a bowl!

    As soup cools it can thicken – thin with water or chicken broth or consider it stew or a casserole!

    NOW just enjoy!